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Interview with Yvonne & Christian Löwendorf


Yvonne Löwendorf: 

We make our clients’ success our project. The LOEWENDORF® advertising agency’s focus is on a concept tailored to target groups, with perfect company or product presentation and of course an increase in sales for our client. 

We always think cross-media – whether it’s print, online or a live event. Our advertising agency can tell which media instruments should be played to be heard on the market by the desired target group. We specialise in the segments of corporate design, editorial design and new media design and as a professional partner we also organise events from casting competitions to presentations with our independent agency.


Christian Löwendorf: 

Yes, it all started with STILPUNKTE® and the publishing company Promediagroup GmbH in 2008. As an experienced marketing and sales expert, I had set myself a goal: to develop an exclusive and unique online portal for high-quality branded products and services combined with sophisticated shopping at selected stationary retail stores!

The STILPUNKTE® brand grew rapidly. It quickly became apparent that other marketing and communication services would ideally complement the company’s creative portfolio in the long term. The foundation stone for the LOEWENDORF media group was laid.


Yvonne Löwendorf: 

The advertising agency started with medium-sized agency clients and then grew rapidly. Cross-media marketing was and is not just a buzzword, but the orchestra with which we create symphonies for our clients today. I come from the advertising industry and bring experience from large agencies. We serve advertising agency clients from craft businesses to medical suppliers and fashion store chains. Whether we are planning the entire social media appearance or organising photo shoots with professional models, cross-media marketing is simply incredibly enjoyable. 


Christian Löwendorf: 

In the future, there will be no more online or offline retailing, there will only be the best solutions for an exclusive consumer buying experience! And for this, we are presenting a visionary concept with the cross-media STILPUNKTE® Lifestyle Guide combined with the STILPUNKTE® Online Shopping Mall. The aim of STILPUNKTE® is to become Europe’s largest online lifestyle guide for consumers with discerning consumer behaviour and a high household income. Parallel to this ̈we will continue to run our LOEWENDORF media group successfully.


Yvonne Löwendorf: 

Quality beats quantity – I reject growth at any price. For me, it’s about maximum success for each individual client. And to understand every single client down to the last detail, really getting to know them, that’s incredibly enriching and the most beautiful thing about my job. As a result, we have a good foundation, can define goals precisely and achieve them. The partnership is based on closeness and trust. Our clients come from all industries and my guarantee for the future is – I will always remain curious.

“Being creative is not a hobby it’s a way of life!”

Yvonne Löwendorf, Werbeagentur Kreativdirektorin 


Christian Löwendorf: 

We will achieve our goals with creative and motivated employees. Our qualified team at the LOEWENDORF Media Group comes from all relevant media areas. We are a family business with a passion and undertake intensive training right at the beginning. As a sales expert, this area is particularly close to my heart. I also want to personally promote the individual career through practice-related training with continuous training courses and workshops by the Löwendorf Academy. Our company offers the opportunity to be promoted to sales manager, sales partner or franchise partner. We want to realise this potential for development – as pioneers with an edge.

“Be yourself, don’t follow the stream!” 

Christian Löwendorf, CEO LOEWENDORF® Media Group 


Creative communication, efficient implementation, effective impact – that’s the philosophy of the LOEWENDORF Media Group, where creative companies and strong brands complement each other and benefit from each other.

It all began with a creative idea – today we have developed into a successful full service media group. Everything started in 2008 with the publishing company STILPUNKTE GmbH and the rapidly growing brand STILPUNKTE. It quickly became apparent that other marketing and communication services would ideally complement the company’s creative portfolio in the long term. The foundation stone for the LOEWENDORF Media Group was laid, including the branches 

Christian Löwendorf / CEO,  Yvonne Löwendorf / Creative Director



Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. - John D. Rockefeller

Our expert team covers all relevant media sectors and has expertise in advertising, communication, production and sales. On this strong foundation, the LOEWENDORF Media Group continues to lead the way with online and offline marketing tools and to drive growth. 

All this is only possible with creative and motivated employees. 

We look forward to getting to know you. 

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If you want to have an effect on other people, you first have to speak to them in your language. - Kurth Tucholsky

After the founding of Verlagsgesellschaft Promediagroup GmbH in 2008, it quickly became apparent that, due to the rapidly growing STILPUNKTE brand, additional services from the areas of marketing and communications were becoming indispensable, and that these ideally complemented the company's creative portfolio for the strategic challenges of the industry in the long term. Thus the foundation stone was laid for the Loewendorf Media Group, which today comprises a full service advertising agency as well as an event agency as further, independent divisions.

Our team comes from all relevant media sectors and has the best know-how in disciplines such as advertising, communication, production and sales. Under these best conditions, the Loewendorf Media Group continuously sets dynamic accents in the fusion of online and offline marketing tools from within itself and thus pushes its strong growth course.

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